Marine Light161

    Marine Light Aluminium 10/14 M

    'V' hull construction.
    10M, 12M and 14M models.
    Lightest aluminium boats currently available on the market.
    High speed and perfect manoeuvrability.
    Can be carried on the roof of many cars.
    All models plane easily, even with lower powered engines.

    Marine 10 M specifications    Play Video

    Marine 10 M design Light specifications

    Marine 14 M specifications    Play Video

    Marine 14 M design Light specifications    

Marine Light161

    Marine Light Aluminium Fish range

    Models in this range are designed especially for leisure and fishing .
    Features such as flat floor, walk thru seat design .
    Range of fishing accessories (FISH models) as standard.
    Boats in this range include a lot of storage place.
    DLX range is designed for predator fishing and also for leisure use.

    Marine 400 Bass specifications    Play Video

    Marine 400 FISH specifications    Play Video

    Marine 400 FISH DLX specifications

    Marine 450 Bass specifications    Play Video

    Marine 450 FISH DLX specifications

    Marine 500 Fish specifications

    Marine 500 Fish SC specifications    Play Video

    Marine 500 Fish SC DLX specifications    Play Video

Marine Light161

    Marine Family Range

    Models in this range are designed especially for family leisure use.
    The models of this series rank among our biggest and the most equipped boats.
    New safety components guarantee even more comfortable and safe sailing.
    There are 3 boats types that differ from each other by their size, standard
    and optional equipment.

    Marine 450 Family specifications    Play Video

    Marine 500 Family specifications    Play Video

    Marine 530 Family specifications    Play Video

Alaskan Luxury

    Marine 450 FISH     Play Video

    Marine 450 FISH specifications

    Length 4,45 m.
    Beam 1,67 m.
    Height 0,73 m.
    Weight 162 kg.
    Max. weight cap. 756 kg.
    Max. person cap. 7.
    Max. engine 40 HP.
    Max. engine weight 141 kg.
    Transom (outboards) L.
    Aluminium thickness-Bottom 1,6 mm.
    Aluminium thickness-Side 1,4 mm.
    No. of ribs 8.
    No. of keels 5.
    Category C.
400 Marine Fish

    400 Marine Fish Fishing boat Aluminium.

    Max PWR: 11.03kW.
    Boat Length x Width: 4 m x 1.53 m.
    Type Aluminium.
Marine 14M Fishing

    Marine 14M Fishing boat Aluminium.

    Max PWR: 14.7kW.
    Boat Length x Width: 4.12 m x 1.40 m.
    Type Aluminium.
Smokercraft Jon 1648

    Smokercraft Jon 1648

    Max Horsepower: 35 hp.
    Boat Length: 16'.
    Fuel Capacity: gal.
    Max. Passengers: 4.